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Sensible meal planning
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Sustainable results
Dan's Story
Hi. I am Dan Martin. I began a career at age 18 as a professional DJ and experimental electronic music producer. Soon after releasing my first album in 1996, there was touring throughout the United States and Europe while owning and operating several record labels and specialty stores.

By age 31, I was jet-lagged, overworked, out of shape and in desperate need of a drastic lifestyle change. I decided to engage in a personal and professional transformation to achieve that change. I overhauled my own diet, lifestyle choices and exercise habits. I was drawn to share this transformation with others.


Opening my first lifestyle focused center in Miami's Design District in 2008 gave this diet a platform to share with my other nutrition-focused fitness locations in Florida and Wisconsin.


The Dan Plan Diet was creating achievable successes for many people of diverse backgrounds and body types. A gym member and university trained gastroenterologist followed The Dan Plan Diet, saw the results, and encouraged me to share this model with others.


I continue to embrace my local communities in Florida and Wisconsin. I'm also excited about our growing online following that is dedicated to a balanced approach to nutrition, diet, and exercise.